MOY Paris was founded by japanese designer Yasco Otomo in 2016.

Yasco Otomo settled in Paris in 2002 after working as a stylist and costume designer in Tokyo for more than 20 years. She has worked with William Forsythe and Josef Nadj as a costume designer, and as a coordinator for Vogue Japan and Elle Japon between 2006 and 2016. Since 2008 Yasco’s street-style photographs are a monthly feature on the Vogue Japan website.

The brand name MOY is a combination of letters from Yasco’s surname OTOMO and her initial Y.

Yasco Otomo crafts jewellery from Japanese cotton pearls made from pearl-coated compressed cotton – her favorite and principal material. Yasco Otomo loves creating big, light jewellery.  MOY necklace designs look bulky but are wondrously light.

MOY Paris pieces are meticulously produced by hand in her Parisian atelier.

Yasco Otomo is delighted to present her collection of jewellery – it’s dandelion-light!